Why I’m passionate about cooking

Why I’m Passionate About Cooking, there are many reasons.

1. Trying out new things.
I love how cooking gives me the freedom to experiment and try out new things every day. For example, made some cheese cookies but they were Too cheesy? Easy just try again and add a bit less cheese

2. Having fun.
for me cooking is having fun trying out new things, expanding your taste. It’s so fun standing in the kitchen cooking, baking. Just seeing how different there are so many different combinations of vegetables, meats,…

3. the comments people make
of course not everything can be as good but when u finally found that one good recipe its so satisfying to hear comments like “this is so good”, “Did you really make that??” it just gives me a sense of gratification

4. calming the mind
in my opinion, cooking truly calms the mind when you cook you can just focus on cooking and not having to worry about anything

5.Healthy living
adding fresh ingredients and being able to control what you eat truly gives me the freedom to do whatever I want.

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